Instructions for Creativy Brush Instalation

Easy assembly

Easy installation

Easy to use

Insert the connection bracket (3) into the brush hanger (4). Before further assembly, check if the edge of your toilet bowl is flat or sloping. We recommend using position B. If you are using a toilet bowl without an edge, insert the Connection bracket (3) into the back of the Brush hanger (4)

Insert the gel containers(6) into the notch of the brush hanger(4). Even if the containers are slightly open, the recess will close them tightly.
Then insert Adjustable hanger(2) of white color into the Brush hanger(4). Insert only a small piece at the beginning.

The adjustable hanger (2) has a perforation, so we recommend that you handle it carefully. Protect it with three fingers (Figure A) to prevent it from breaking and spread it widely (Figure B) before placing it on the toilet bowl.

When inserting the brush into the toilet bowl, carefully and widely spread the Adjustable hanger (2) and insert the Brush hanger (4) under the toilet bowl's edge. Then push the brush under the edge of your toilet bowl.

To finish, press the adjustable hanger(2) down as much as possible while pushing the Brush hanger(4) up. Keep it as close as possible to the edge of the toilet bowl!

If the toilet bowl's edge is narrower, the Adjustable hanger (2) on the underside may be too long. In this case, break it off (perforation); otherwise, the silicone brush will get stuck in this part.

When placing the silicone brush(1) on the handle(7), we recommend always pressing the handle button up. It will make it extremely easy to attach the brush to the handle(7).

Why there is two pieces of connecting brackets (bigger and smaller)  in the box?

Since there are hundreds of different models of toilet bowls on the market, we have designed the system so that you can use it on most.

Most toilet bowls have a wide edge. In some of them, however, this edge is narrower.

With toilet bowls with a narrower edge, a large connecting bracket would be too large. So we also added a shorter one.

Which connecting bracket is best for your toilet bowl you will need to determine for yourself.

If you choose the wrong one, use the key (12) so that you can pull the adjustable hanger (2) out of the connecting bracket (3).

Insert the key on the side of the pins, press it firmly, and pull the connecting bracket out.