Creativy Brush

innovative self-cleaning toilet brush

Looking for the hygienic toilet brush?

Creativy Toilet Brush

Probably the most hygienic replacement for your toilet brush.
It’s a new take on toilet cleaning.

The brush is stored inside the toilet

No more bacteria

No more dripping of dirty water

Easy to clean

The most disgusting thing in your home!

Most of us use that hundred-year-old toilet brush invention, which didn’t change a lot. It’s filthy, and it’s full of bacteria, it’s sticking, it drips and makes a mess everywhere.

To kill bacteria, you need to bleach it after every use. If you do not clean the brush thoroughly before placing it back in the holder, the moist conditions can create the ideal environment for the growth of potentially harmful bacteria.

We have solution for you

The first toilet brush stored inside the toilet on a unique hanger where water passes over it with every flush, which makes it stay even cleaner.

The head of the brush is made of TPR material and will last for 4-5 years! Creativy brush does not scratch the toilet and absorbs dirt.

Creativy brush is durable, won’t lose its shape, and maintains perfect cleaning.

Self cleaning

Creativy Brush is a toilet brush that cleans itself in a unique way so you never have to deal with those old, ugly-looking dripping non-hygienic toilet brushes.

Deep cleaning under the rim

Creativy Brush contains a flexible antimicrobial silicone head that allows you to deep clean around and under the rim of the toilet bowl. It is made of high-grade super-slippery silicone that is easy to clean and doesn’t harbor bacteria.

Easy to use

Cleaning with Creativy Brush is very easy. Pick up the handle from the base, click the button to connect (lock-unlock)  the head in the brush holder and lift it out to start cleaning.

If you accidentally push the button up and your brush head falls into the bowl, you don’t have to worry because it floats and you can easily pull it out thanks to the magnets inside the head and handle.

Easy assembly

Easy installation

Easy to use

When cleaning, you can use the thick formula gel, which you can easily pour into a container. Or use the brush without containers and take care of the extra cleanliness of your toilet with other cleaners.

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    The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund within the framework of P2 – Incentives for the start-up of innovative companies.

    Name and purpose / purpose of the investment:


    The company is developing an innovative toilet brush. We have created our own brand of Creativy toilet brushes (formerly Scruby). As a novelty, the Creativy toilet brush is made from silicone and is located inside the toilet bowl, where it is the first such product to hang on specially designed hangers, which means that the brush is washed every time you rinse the water.

    The operation refers to the development of the Scruby Brush designed for innovative cleaning and refreshing of the toilet bowl (silicone brush inside the toilet bowl + detergent in one). A prototype Scruby – model 01 was made, which checks the usability of the brush. In the continuation of the development, Scruby will be made – model 02, in which a cleaning gel will be added to the hanger as a cleaning agent. The goal  of the operation is to complete development and production, and begin commercialization.